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New Changes…WTF?

3 Apr

I have been away from sometime now due to schooling. I figure that I would check to see what is happening on WordPress since I have been away. I arrived at school so blasted early today cause I forgot it was a late start which I could of slept it….silly me, and decided to check out wordpress and this is what I find.

So, after being away for so long from WordPress, I came to notice that its changed! Just as I was getting used to navigating it, you guys go and make all these changes. UGH. How is someone to get used it when you change things around? I understand wanting to make it better and all but it would of been nice to have received a memo…just saying.

Anyways, now I gotta get used to navigating WordPress all-over again…geez. but that is okay, it will give me something to do, as right now….lol writing about it. Now, as I patiently await my science class to commence, I sit here at school library and ask myself…what’s up everyone? how you all doing? and how the hell do you get freshly pressed? really, how does one get freshly pressed? You don’t know unless you ask.

I’ll be back again with some stories to tell you all. stay tuned.

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