A Little Power Outage, No Biggie.

27 May

Unfortunately there was a power outage in my neighborhood a few days ago:( needless to say it came back about 2hrs later just before I had to go out!:)

Thank god I had finished cleaning my apartment and managed to make something to eat before this happened or else I would have been an unhappy woman. As I sat down to watch some television my TV goes out!
WTF, I am saying to myself. What just happened? I didn’t do nothing!

Anyways, during the course of the power outage, my neighbors and others were congregated outside chit chatting, having a cold beer while others who could not cook were BBQ. I went inside after awhile to shower to get ready for salsa dancing.

Now, you can imagine there is no power how I am going to do my hair? That didn’t stop me! I managed to get my hair done just before the power came back:)

When a woman sets her mind into doing something she will, whether there is power or not!

In conclusion I learned this:
•Don’t panic when you don’t have control of the situation
•Have candles and a flashlight especially if it’s late at night

•Order food

•Make the best of it
•Relax, enjoy and have fun

P.S. by the way, I live in a bsmt apartment and my bathroom was a little dark but it didn’t stop me.

Until Next Time

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