Long Weekend – Of Fun

26 May


Friday May 20, 2011


This past long weekend here in Canada we celebrated May 24 weekend (meaning Victoria Day). Normally during this holiday what people do is BBQ if the weather is nice of course, camp etc, and buy a case of 24 beer! hence why May 2-4…..ha ha ha get it.

Friday evening, I met with my best friend for our sushi dinner date as we usually do when her kids goes away. After dinner we walked and picked up a bottle each of wine. I polished mine off! she didn’t….tee hee. As we chilled at her place we played GLEE karaoke, talked and watched scary movies. Needless to say it was an easy-going Friday night in with my girl.


Saturday May 22, 2011


Saturday my best friend and I  meet up to watch a movie. We decided to watch “Brides Maid.” but before we watched the movie we treated ourselves to a little meal cause we were both hungry! when a girl needs to eat, do not stand in our way. We go to Pickle Barrel downtown near the movie theaters. she orders a steak fajita with a Pina Colada and I order a chicken wrap with hummus and salad with this amazing Green Tea Macha which is to die for:) I loved it and wanted more. After eating we make our way to buy our movie tickets. Can I just say this movie was AMAZING! it’s not your typical chick-flick at all. this movie will have you laughing from the beginning to end. After the movie was over, I dropped off my friend at home then made my to meet with another set of friends.


As I arrived at my next destination, I was greeted by my new Italian friend “Dom” I will call him, whom I’ve met about almost 2 weeks ago latin dancing. He leads me upstairs to where everyone else is.

After all the “Hi, how are you’s and nice meet you” part was done, the owner of the place offers me a glass of red wine and pre-warns me that it’s shit! OKAY, thanks for letting me know before hand, much appreicated….lmao. we chit-chat, eat, drink and some dance in the kitchen.  We are suppose to go to this placed called “Pravta.” Let’s just say we could not get into “Pravta” at all. there was about an hour wait! I DONT WAIT TO GET INTO A PLACE FOR STARTERS and DON’T PAY COVER EITHER!

So, I told them there is a place of which I know it’s just across the street and may be my boy may boy “bouncer” can help us out. Thank god, my boy did cause the one dude that was with us was wearing khaki shorts with running shoes…..DUDE U JUST DON’T DO THAT! SMH. we get in, dance, drink and about two hours later leave. I was tired! time to go home…..Good night everyone.

Part 3

Sunday May 23, 2011


Finally it’s Sunday! sunday is a day to relax right? WRONG, not when it’s a long weekend! It’s time to party just like fri and sat! Hey you only live once, so why not enjoy it.

I knew that I wanted to go out and shake my tail-feather only because it was going to be pure old skool hip-hop, r&b and reggae all night long! who am I asking to come out with me??? I thought about asking an old friend (someone whom I’ve had the pleasure of driving, if you know what I mean). I emailed him and asked if he would be interested in coming out and he agrees. After all the details was sorted out I messaged my boy the “bouncer”  to let him know it was only myself and a friend. he tells me there is a $10.00 cover charge…..RE-RE-REWIND….but wait a minute here….last night you said there’s no cover charge and now all of a sudden there is? (thinking to myself). I said no problem love, see you later.

What am I to wear? hmm, thinking……got it. My old-time favorite and you can’t ever go wrong with a black fitted dress! I wear that, get my hair and make-up done, a little perfume, heels a drink before leaving and out the door I go. Feeling and looking like a million bucks……tee hee. As I make my way to catch the TTC ( Toronto Transit Commission) A.K.A the public transit, my boy messages me on my blackberry saying not to worry that he has my back! I bet you wanna hit that too…..*chuckling*

I said “no worries babe, I got it covered.” he insisted, who am I to say no…..cha.

I finally arrive at my destination. the first thing I do is give the bouncer a big hug/kiss on the cheek and thank him. he smiles and says ” no problem, it’s my pleasure.” in the back of my mind I am saying “oh I bet it is.”

I spotted my friend and we go inside. Since I was the one who invite him, it was just right that I buy the first drink for the both of us. As the night progressed, I took off my biker leather jacket, laid it on the chair next to me along with my clutch.  My friend compliments me on my attire and smiles and I do the same. Music is playing, we are drinking, dancing, and chatting. I noticed he was pulling me in a little closer and closer, I didn’t mind…..hey, I am a single woman! I began to feel a little frisky…..the wine didn’t help either….. BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL……ha ha ha.

We decided to leave before it ended but before doing so, I had to say bye to the bouncer and thank him one last time. After saying bye to the bouncer, I was feeling hungry, so we walked across the street and I bought wings with fries at Pizza Pizza. We take a cab back to his place, eat, chat and as we were eating this man could not wait to undress me! I tell him “wait, I am hungry, a girl has got to eat!” you can imagine what came next.

Let me just say…..LORD, how I missed black mumba! lord jesus, I was on cloud nine. that man made me erupt 3 times in a row….. I got weak to my knees, toes curled, hair was in a bit of mess but I didn’t care! talk about a sexual eruption!!! he wanted me to spend the night but I declined. I wanted to take a shower and sleep on my bed. he calls for a cab, pays for it and home I go.

In conclusion, I had an amazing long weekend with friends with a little extra something on the side at the end:)

Until Next Time

2 Responses to “Long Weekend – Of Fun”

  1. marinasleeps May 27, 2011 at 12:55 am #

    I knew to bring a fan when reading your blogs. I was right… it is hot in here!!
    I must say you are a smooth operator.

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