From The Grocery Store To Bed

18 May

 I recently went grocery shopping and picked-up and 24 year old guy, yeah tell me about it! I haven’t been with a younger guy so I took the opportunity to take him for a test drive. Let’s just say he was well-endowed ( a curvy side road) and dam, wasn’t I in for a treat that night. As curvy side road and I exchanged numbers and after I purchased a few things I went to go and meet with a friend for sushi dinner.

 While my girlfriend and I were eating and talking, curvy side road text messages me asking if I would like to meet after he ends work. I jumped to the opportunity without second guessing. We meet for drinks, talk a little, joke, laugh and blah blah blah. After the talking bit we head to my place. I set up my netbook so we can watch Fast 5 online but that didn’t happen cause my net book gave out on me! UGH. I sad at this time and poor dude tried to calm me down, awww so cute but not at the time. Anyways, we ended up watching Wanted on t.v. after 30 minutes I was ready for bed. We head to my room, change and lay down beside one another. I was trying to refrain myself from making any moves on him, I wanted to see if he would….and he did.

When curvy side road entered me, I couldn’t believe how well endowed he was or how I was going to make it fit! I was a little scared:(…..hey it’s been awhile since I got some. we do the missionary, cow girl, back shot, sideways positions and dear lord, I felt every inch of  him inside of me:) It felt amazing and a little painful but a good painful sensation! Anyways, as I took him for a test drive I noticed that he likes to pound away…..GRRRRR…..hells to the no this ain’t happening but then again he is still a young buck. go figure. After the sex we showered and off to bed. I slept like a baby that night:)

Before he left in the afternoon, I made sure to set up some ground rules!

  • this is only sex
  • no strings attached, no feelings involved
  • I am not looking for a relationship
  • when I want it, I will let know you know
  • keep it simple

Now, from this experience I have learned that young guys are not for me for the simple fact that some not all is inexperienced. yes it’s all fun but in the end it’s just sex!

 For the young guys please note:

  1. When with a woman during sex it’s not all about the pumping! Keep in mind that even though she is enjoying herself while with you, at the same time she is thinking to herself “oh dear god, can he do anything else besides pounding, ugh when is this gonna be over.” you don’t want a woman thinking that.
  2. Not all women likes when a man is rough. lighten up.
  3. this is not a race, take it easy and learn to take your time.
  4. don’t be saying “who’s your daddy.” You are not my daddy and it’s so old skool.
  5. Please don’t be bragging about your Mandingo!

P.S. I have always heard from friends amongst others that Grocery stores is a good place to pick up people… didn’t I put that to the test!

2 Responses to “From The Grocery Store To Bed”

  1. marinasleeps May 18, 2011 at 5:15 pm #

    Maybe you shouldn’t give up completely on younger guys …. you might find one that knows something!
    Or pick one and teach him!!
    One thing I hate is the jack rabbit thing…. like they are trying to go the speed of lightening. I like to be pounded but not the entire time. Gotta mix ir up!!! Hey ya!!
    I only have had one well endowed person (he is now my husband) now I cant picture it any other way!!

    Wait I might be unclear on the names of positions… back shot????

    Another point… where the hell do you shop? But I figure nothing less from you since you are a hot piece of ass!
    Anyways yay you finally posted!!

    • Thoughts AfterDark Lounge May 23, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

      I normally do my grocery shopping at No Frills, however, that particular day I had to meet with a friend and near her place is this grocery store called Freshco. I needed a new things so I stopped in to get it. Little did I know I’d be meeting a young boy and bringing him back to my place later for a late night rendezvous!
      I hear what you are saying about not giving up totally on the young boyz…..I shall keep him on the side:)

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