A date: with court, landlord and ex-roommate

8 Mar

Well, what an eventful day I had. First, it starts with my landlord calling this morning saying they are on their way to pick up and bring me to court with them, cause they may require my help in the case they have against my ex-roommate. We arrive at court an hour before the scheduled time. I meet and greet their lawyer and he explains to me what can or cannot happen. After time goes by, my ex-roommate arrives with her new lover.

 Doesn’t she take a double take when she realizes I was seating next to my landlord! As we patiently await our case to be called by the judge, doesn’t this girl have the nerve to say “HI” and ask how I’ve been? Girl, why the hell are you talking to me for? Anyways, time goes by, more time goes by and we still haven’t been seen by the judge. At almost 4:45pm the judge calls us.

FINALLY, after seating for almost 5hrs of fighting sleep, being hungry, getting frustrated, having a headache the judge asks me to politely leave the room! WTF…..I beg your pardon.

As I am waiting to see if I will be called to the stand to witness, it just so happens that not nearly 30 minutes of waiting I see my landlords come out of the hearing room all gleeful. They told me that she has 11 days to pack up her shit and leave!!!!!! I was very happy to hear the good news and see this all come to an end. At the end of it all she owes back rent of $3,000 plus filing fee + interest of $34.00 per day…..whoa, I feel for you but then again after all the hell you put me through while residing with you…sorry to say you more than deserve what you are getting.

For someone, who was very sure of themselves by saying “at the end I always win”…this time around you lost and big! victory is mine to have been able to see you fall and drown on your own pool of mud!

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