Dinner Event With Thy Neighbour & Friends

18 Jan

So, this past Saturday I accompanied thy neighbor John and Jane to their friend dinner gathering near DavisVille subway station. Let’s just say it was a cold bloody night and I was already looking for my flask but could not find it cause silly me, forgot it at home. Go figure.

Anyways, as we make our way to catch the train my neighbour and her husband decide to act silly, like little kids do. To me I find it funny because you don’t see much of that; couples being so carefree and not care in the world to what other people thinks or has to say.

We finally arrived at our destination after a long 4 block walk from the subway station; I was not too impressed since it was really cold let me tell you. We hang up our jackets and get ourselves a drink to warm up. As the host gives us a tour of the house we see a fireplace tris and me. We quickly make a run towards the fireplace to warm ourselves up! Ahhhhh, heaven….we have struck gold baby.

As we awaited the other guests to arrive (since we were the first to arrive on time), we listened to music, chit chatted in the living room while nibbling on pistachios. Now, when you host a gathering you can’t just have one item of food to nibble on, you need more variety! I was not a happy camper. What if I didn’t like pistachios? What if I was allergic to it? When hosting an event at home as a host you really want to have your basics covered, just saying. As we continue to chat and drink other guests begins to arrive, thank god. By now dinner was to be served for 7pm and it’s a little past the time.

The host didn’t even have the salad ready!!! Are you kidding me, something as simple as that, you are going to make it last-minute? Buddy, you should have had the salad made and in the fridge before we got there. But anyways, I went and asked him if he needed any assistance in the kitchen or with anything at all….he politely declines my help saying he was going to prepare the salad. Little did he know I don’t eat seafood.

The salad he made was a seafood ceaser. Ugh. To my surprise the host turns to me and says “I will make a different salad for you, if you wish.” I beg your pardon….If I wish? Wow, I thought to myself and told him “it’s okay, thank you anyways.” As the salad came out to the table, I get the dam seafood ceaser salad (poor thing forgot to add the croutons). I had a look of disgust on my face. Tris notices and asks me to pass my salad to her and she will eat it. After all that the lasagna is served. Not bad tasting, though it was a little dry and bland, I guess he bought it at the store and shoved it in the oven. Oh well. I ate it.

After dinner we all sat by the fireplace, chit chatted, laughed, told jokes, some of us had a joint or two, drank some more, talked politics (that was my cue to check my blackberry for any messages) because I don’t talk politics, I don’t like it and can’t keep up with it so yeah. Now, I hear something else, time to put my blackberry way dam. As the different conversations in the room were happening I was noticing the host. How he was laid back, kind of enjoying himself but still keeping an eye on things. Though we were all drinking and immersed in the convo, he still could have brought some snack for his guests to munch on.

It’s almost 1030pm and we all decided to go to this Karaoke bar down the street. Here we go again with this 4 block long ass walk but by this time, I was feeling good! I was warm and the temperature outside wasn’t bad. We reach the bar; the host through out the night bought at least 3 rounds of pitchers. By this time it was only Jane, John, myself and the host. We sang except Jane.

We had a good time, laughed and enjoyed ourselves. We didn’t even realize what time it was until one of us looked at the time. It was a little past 1 am. Shoot we need to get going before we miss the last train. As we kind of rushed to pull ourselves together to leave; all four of us had to literally chug back the beer from our glass. Now, I am not much of a beer drinker….let’s just say I was seeing doubles….tee hee.

We made it to the train and is making our way home.  Again, my neighbour is acting the fool, lol.  As we reached our designated stop, Jane decides she wants’ a pizza slice and I say “I am in dire need of a facility.” I found one to use, thank god. We walked home said our good nights and off to bed.

In-conclusion: What does a good dinner party entails of:
• As a host you should know if any of your guests is allergic to any kind/type of foods
• You should have small things prepared from earlier so you are not running back and forth, in and out of the kitchen.
• Have different finger snacks from which your guests can choose from.
• Try not to look a little lost during the event.
• Don’t be a smart ass.
• Have fun and try not to make the same mistakes you did the first time around for next time.

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